Calavera Hills

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We also have floor plans and the original elevation drawings for many of the homes in Calavera Hills. If you'd like to have a floor plan or drawing, please click here and let us know.

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Calavera Hills is a wonderful place to live!  We have gorgeous homes, well-tended neighborhood parks, great schools, an attractive community center - home to summertime jazz concerts and year-round sports and activities - the Calavera Nature Preserve, with hiking trails and a lake, and all conveniently located within a couple minutes of shopping and Hwy 78.

You may not be aware that our beautiful little corner of Carlsbad is the culmination of over 40 years of planning and development.  The original master plan was first approved in 1974 by the Carlsbad Planning Commission and has slowly taken shape as more and more villages have been built.  The map below will provide you a guide to the different areas of the Calavera Hills Master Plan.