Calavera Hills Annual Community Garage Sale
Due to COVID19 the September 2020 Garage Sale is cancelled. Please check back periodically for updates.

Get your map here for the garage sale! (click here)

The way the Garage Sales work is that we get a list of all the residents that want to participate (that's you!).  We then place advertising in the Union Tribune newspaper and CraigsList to make people aware of the time and place and get shoppers out to the community.  We’ll also create a map of all of the homes that are participating and publish that on this website and have copies available at the corner of Carlsbad Village Dr and College Blvd.  On the evening before the sale we place directional signs all around the area to direct buyers to the homes that are participating. 

All you have to do is organize your stuff and lift your garage door on the day of the sale.  Also if you sign up in advance, we'll provide you with some pricing stickers and some more information on how to make your sale as successful as possible.  It also helps us with planning and your home gets listed on the map.  We always do our garage sales in conjunction with the local schools or a local charity.  We ask the families that participate to donate a small portion of their proceeds.

To sign your home up for the next garage sale call us at 760-637-1902 or click here and submit your information.  We'll get you on the map!   

Calavera Hills

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